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1 Year Part Time


  • A Bachelors Degree or Master Degree in any faculty awared by Statutory University.OR
  • Diploma Awared by the Borad of Technical Education (State / Govt)
    1. Post SSC 3 years Dip with 2 year Experience after passing dip.
    2. Post HSC 2 years dip with 1 year experiece after passing dip.



Semester I

Semester I
101 Financial and Cost Accounting
102 (a) Statistics and Operations Research
(b) EDP /MIS
103 Taxation (Direct and Indirect Taxes)
104 (a) Financial Management
(b) Maths and Finance (Quantitative methods)
105 (a) Project Management
(b) Sustainable Competitive Advantage
106 Financial Services
107 Financial Intuitions

Semester II

Semester II
201 Economic Legislation
202 Financial Services - II
(a) Portfolio Management
(b) Investment Analysis
(c) Marketing
203 International Finance
204 Company law, SEBI and FEMA
205 Financial Markets
206 Special Studies in Financial Services (Seminar Course)*
207 Year long project
* As on date, subject to change by the competent authorities.